The Snippets | Cyusa Ntwali

Cyusa Ntwali is a Rwandan Third Culture Kid (TCK). Because his dear Mother worked in the UNHCR, Cyusa has lived in Switzerland, Ethiopia, Guinea, USA, and France. His traveling experiences have helped him in making this world a smaller and simpler place to live in. Cyusa proudly serves on the board of

and is passionate in community development and nurturing global citizenship one meaningful conversation at a time. Mentoring and working with the youth is a big part of his life. 

Cyusa continuously works on honing his community organizing acumen, slam poetry skills, and Master of Ceremony abilities. Since January 2017 he is a columnist for the Fargo Monthly

Cyusa’s favorite quotes are: 

If you want to go Fast, Go Alone, if you want to go Far, go Together” African Proverb “God couldn’t be Everywhere, so SHE created Mothers” Jewish Proverb 

Here is another interview by Cyusa.

The Snippets | Melody Ingabire

Melody is a young Rwandan whose passion for everything African. Born in Kigali, Rwanda and raised in the high mountains of Swansea, UK, one of Melody’s goals is to relocated to Rwanda the land of her ancestors, in order for her to contribute to the country social and economic development.

The Snippets | Chris Schwagga

Beside his immense talent in many different Art forms,
Schwagga is a being abundantly filled with humanity and humility.
His signature in fashion is to only wear black outfits, which seems to create lots of confusion within those who do not know him that well. 

His inspiration comes from travelling and music, as well as elements of the cultures of the countries he moves between - Design Indaba

I am inviting you to check out his work

The Snippets | Nancy Ikilezi Ndekwe

Nancy is part of the many young Rwandans who have decided to return in order to contribute to their home country after they have had the opportunity to go seek knowledge outside Africa. Nancy currently serves as a Senior Career Adviser at B2R. Her friendly and dynamic personality allows her to easily connect minds with those whose paths happen to cross hers. I am inviting you to follow her Youtube channel Chronicles with Nancy.

Rita Umuliza

Nurtured in the streets and societal nuances of America, Rita is a creative who’s free spirit transcends the status quo. A Rwandan native who migrated back to her motherland in efforts to add color to the space of Communication in Africa, her passion for the creative world has led her down a robust, unpredictable path that has opened doors into consulting and strategising for brands like The New Times and Afriek Suits. 
Her upcoming blog, Gemstress, is a melting pot of storytelling that explores the human connection and how the art of conversation might just be the remedy to our world’s current chaotic state. 
Above all, Rita is just a soul who’s intentions are to heal by healing others. 

A Conversation about Sexual Harassment

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Sexual Harassment”? I am sure in most of your minds, you defined it as harassment towards girls, while that is partially true, sexual harassment knows no gender, and it’s really crucial that we all make ourselves aware of it. 

I have had the pleasure to work with several artists and use my skills in “Visual Storytelling” to get their voices heard, their art portrayed, and their passions captured in what I like to call “90 Seconds Art” but this time I decided to make a plot twist and make a Public Awareness video on a topic that is under-looked by many- Sexual Harassment!

So, I took my camera and interviewed 5 ladies living in Rwanda between the ages of 18-35, and asked them what “sexual harassment” means to them and I have been enlightened and humbled by their respective opinions on the matter, and I only wish and hope that we all learn a thing or two. 

To the ladies that agreed to feature in this public awareness video; Darina Agasaro, Priscilla Ruzibuka, Cynthia Butare, Ibtihal Arafat, and Natacha Muzira, I sincerely thank you for your interest and thought provoking views on the matter. 

 This is just a start to a bigger cause and I would only hope that we all make ourselves aware of what Sexual Harassment is. I learnt a lot from the interviews and I hope y’ all do the same. 

 Enjoy and be blessed. 

Shaza Samantha Sangwe

Shaza is the founder and CEO of FER-AL, which is a handcrafting & manufacturing Social Enterprise based in Bujumbura, Burundi. Her company also conducts vocational training, in Sub-Saharan Africa, where employment opportunities are very limited. She combines her passion and her unique skills in aesthetic decor together with a degree in International Business and Marketing. Shaza greatly believes in Social Entrepreneurship, the art of providing a community-oriented solution that is inspired by a clear vision and the need to constantly innovate in a rapidly changing market. This has been her motto for the last 9 years.

Chris Schwagga

Chris Schwagga, whose real name is Mbanza Christian is a photographer, actor and film maker based in kigali, Rwanda. His artistic career began 2006. 

2008 was the year schwagga first picked up a camera, since then photography became his language.

In 2012, he worked in collaboration with his friend and associate, Nelson Niyakire to put up the exhibition themed “libre et Enchaines”. It was a great success as well as being the face of one of the biggest project on monitoring and fighting of the freedom of artistic expression in Africa, the project “Artwatch Africa” of arterial Network.

In 2014, Schwagga presented his first solo exhibition, which was Titled “Masques et Cartes”. As displayed in the exhibition, the cards represented the game of the result from the dynamic between the oppressor and the oppressed. When the man behind the mask acquires power, everything becomes a game around him; politics, economics, social & love relations.

Naleli Rugege

Rugege is a fashion designer, Performing poet and stylist. She runs her own clothing company called ‘The Marion’ in Rwanda, Which she started soon after graduating
from the Durban university of technology, South Africa.

She has had the opportunity of having her own fashion show in Rwanda, participating in local
fashions shows, designing for Miss Rwanda contestants and commemorative events. As a
performing poet she has been privileged to have been able to perform at memorable platforms
and events such as Spoken Word Rwanda, Imbuto Foundation, 2nd National Nutrition
Summit and Chan 2016 Rwanda (The 2016 Africa Nations Championship).

Her love for Art has allowed her to indulge in different areas of creative expression. Rugege believes that life is a canvas that must be painted. And you are the painter that hold the brush, so begin! 

Dube Abdul

Dube is experienced in visual facilitation, hosting and a deep passion for small and large group conversational processes, His vision is to provide guidance, leadership and support in co-creating the space for genuine dialogue and innovative creativity. He mainly like to use readily available materials, print media from the past centuries and the present.Presently, Dube makes his art to speak to his duality living in Denmark and having part of himself still in his home country South Africa.

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