Chris Schwagga

Chris Schwagga, whose real name is Mbanza Christian is a photographer, actor and film maker based in kigali, Rwanda. His artistic career began 2006. 

2008 was the year schwagga first picked up a camera, since then photography became his language.

In 2012, he worked in collaboration with his friend and associate, Nelson Niyakire to put up the exhibition themed “libre et Enchaines”. It was a great success as well as being the face of one of the biggest project on monitoring and fighting of the freedom of artistic expression in Africa, the project “Artwatch Africa” of arterial Network.

In 2014, Schwagga presented his first solo exhibition, which was Titled “Masques et Cartes”. As displayed in the exhibition, the cards represented the game of the result from the dynamic between the oppressor and the oppressed. When the man behind the mask acquires power, everything becomes a game around him; politics, economics, social & love relations.

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