A Conversation about Sexual Harassment

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Sexual Harassment”? I am sure in most of your minds, you defined it as harassment towards girls, while that is partially true, sexual harassment knows no gender, and it’s really crucial that we all make ourselves aware of it. 

I have had the pleasure to work with several artists and use my skills in “Visual Storytelling” to get their voices heard, their art portrayed, and their passions captured in what I like to call “90 Seconds Art” but this time I decided to make a plot twist and make a Public Awareness video on a topic that is under-looked by many- Sexual Harassment!

So, I took my camera and interviewed 5 ladies living in Rwanda between the ages of 18-35, and asked them what “sexual harassment” means to them and I have been enlightened and humbled by their respective opinions on the matter, and I only wish and hope that we all learn a thing or two. 

To the ladies that agreed to feature in this public awareness video; Darina Agasaro, Priscilla Ruzibuka, Cynthia Butare, Ibtihal Arafat, and Natacha Muzira, I sincerely thank you for your interest and thought provoking views on the matter. 

 This is just a start to a bigger cause and I would only hope that we all make ourselves aware of what Sexual Harassment is. I learnt a lot from the interviews and I hope y’ all do the same. 

 Enjoy and be blessed. 

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