This is my fourth year as a professional photographer and videographer (hence the title Visual Storyteller). Frankly speaking, it has been a bumpy journey, but I really can’t complain. All the challenges that I faced, and am still facing in my line of work, have actually strengthened my passion for what I do. It is when I take a step back and look at what I have achieved that I come to realise how awesome this journey is.

I am welcoming you to this new section of my website called “My Journal”, where I will be sharing some of my visual stories. This first post is a casual photo summary of how the year 2016 went for yours truly.


Dakar, Senegal

If there is a place I have always wanted to visit, it was Dakar. It was such an incredible experience. I honestly wasn’t ready for what was waiting for me in Dakar. I went there with my buddy Chris Schwagga (shout out to Michaella for the invitation). We were there to cover a 3-day conference (NEF), but we ended up spending a week there. Personally, I really want to go back there in order to properly explore the city, visit art galleries, and meet up with local"Visual Storytellers".


This brother here is one of the most stylish guys I know in Kigali. He actually designs his own hand tailored suits. He also happens to be the first to introduce “ponchos” in Kigali. Check his website out:


These are some of the first photos, I shot with the latest lens I got for myself. It is none other than the Canon 50mm f/1.4 a.k.a #bae

P.S I keep bragging about this lens to whoever wants to listen to me. It is an affordable lens, and its sharpness is amazing.

5.53 AM

Thanks to my never healing insomnia, this day I woke up pretty early. After rolling in my bed sheets for what seemed like 10 hours, I decided to finally get out of bed, I took one peek at the window, and a few seconds later I found myself struggling to unlock our kitchen door with one hand while holding my camera in the other hand. I finally managed to capture these photos before the sun fully rose. Yeah! :D

Umubano Hotel

Don’t ask me how I found myself on top of one of the oldest hotels in town. It felt great. The view was breathtaking.  #undilutedKigali 


The shots above highlight the #IAmKigaliCampaign. The campaign’s aim is to celebrate the innovation and cultural evolution that is rapidly transforming Kigali. This positive campaign creates space for conversations on what it means to be from Kigali. Being part of this ongoing campaign is super exciting. 

Save The Date

There is this relatively new practice called "Save the date" (Well, new to me).

For real though, aren’t these two cute?

Acacia Book Cafe

I’m working on a very interesting project with those two culture catalysts.


Stay tuned for that project ;)

"For dreams are our realities in waiting"

Lily & Emma

In2016, I decided to retire early from wedding photography. In other words I have decided to take my “visual storytelling’" in another direction :D Oh, one thing that I am probably going to miss about wedding photography, is taking photos of the decorations. #RandomFact

Downtown Kigali

I really had lots of fun with ( Schwagga & René). We managed to capture pretty cool shots from the top of Makuza Plaza and in the Car free zone area of town.

SpokenWord @Beirut

Naleli Rugege & Elie Habimana performing “Make That Trip Catch That Train”

To be honest after listing to those two, I can no longer enjoy Spoken Word Poetry without the sweet sound of an instrument in the background. They have totally changed they way I appreciate Spoken Word poems.

Cycling to Musanze

We/they cycled from the the headquarters of Sorwathe Tea plantation through dirt country roads leading to Musanze. It took us, more or less, 9 hours. Nope, I wasn't cycling, I was sitting at the back of a motorbike, So I had to stop every few km in order to capture these photos. LAWD it was tiring!!!! The good part is that I got to see Lake Burera & Lake Ruhondo with my own eyes.

Civil Mariage 

Remember when I said that I decided to retire from wedding photography? Well I made an exception for my brother's civil wedding. (Well it is my brother we're talking about... :P)

Uzi Collections

I am always impressed by the quality of the garments produced by Lauren and her partner Nathalie (founders of Uzi Collections ). They are two magnificent young entrepreneurs. Make sure to show them some love.

P.S Entrepreneurship is hard!! But if you feel likes starting something that you are passionate about, start today 'cause there's no such thing as 'the perfect timing/conditions' to start.


These are the moments I thought I ‘d share with you all. Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank every single person that supported me by liking, commenting, and sharing some of my work. I am not forgetting the awesome new people that I got to meet this year. I have learned greatly from you all! I truly hope I was able to send some positive energy your way as well. :D

P.S. I am thankful for Allan Karemera for inspiring me to make this post. Cheers to you my brother!

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