Can we highlight and acknowledge the fact that we as human being are uniquely differently from each other. By embracing our differences, that is when we can start to understand each other. 

You see, we believe that our differences are mainly shaped by our experiences and every experience leaves its mark on our bodies and ours souls, it slowly tattoos itself on us until we become one.

Naturally, there are infinite ways to illustrate this theory. Here is one of the ways me in collaboration with Poupoute Tabaro (Painter) and Gloria Umwali (Writer) chose to visually express it.

So, what's your story?
What would you choose to write in your memoire?
Tell me about what's left you breathless;
How does it feel when your belief systems collapse?
When what made sense to you cannot anymore;
Tell me about the process of unlearning:
Who are you when you're neither who you used to be nor who you wish to become yet?
Let me read about the stories you've heard and those you dare not tell.
Teach me about the difference between intention and reaction.
Let's share the reasons why we keep moving forward...

Our skin keeps sensations and conversations.

We become what we listen to,
What we look at can change the way we see things... 

We're made of black and white
And the innate desire of becoming gray and every other color in between.

Our journey is imprinted in us and the way we honor it, is the mark we choose to leave.

You are what you fear,
You are what you love,
You are the decision in between. 

You are the product of your environment,
As much as you are the designer of your environment. 

We hide behind the mask of conformity. 

Between what is and what isn't, we lose all possibilities and opportunities.
The opportunity to discover the immensity of our nature.
The possibility to see all that we are and BE all that we were meant to be.

But we hide behind the masks of conformity.
Between how it is and how it's supposed to be, we forget who we was. 


P.S. This project was mostly inspired by the awesome work of Laolu, an amazing body painter based in New York, USA. 

I hope that you have enjoyed it. Stay Blessed.

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